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  1. “Security is not my field, I’m a stats guy”: A Qualitative Root Cause Analysis of Barriers to Adversarial Machine Learning Defenses in Industry
    Jaron Mink, Harjot Kaur, Juliane Schmüser, Sascha Fahl, Yasemin Acar
    USENIX Security, 2023 PDF

  2. Everybody’s Got ML, Tell Me What Else You Have: Practitioners’ Perception of ML-Based Security Tools and Explanations
    Jaron Mink, Hadjer Benkraouda, Limin Yang, Arridhana Ciptadi, Ali Ahmadzadeh, Daniel Votipka, Gang Wang
    IEEE S&P, 2023 PDF

  3. DeepPhish: Understanding User Trust Towards Artificially Generated Profiles in Online Social Networks
    Jaron Mink, Licheng Luo, Nata M. Barbosa, Olivia Figueria, Yang Wang, and Gang Wang
    USENIX Security, 2022 PDF



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